The Best Four Cities To Study In Germany and Why Every International Student Wants To Study There

When you hear about Germany, what first comes to your mind? One of the things that will probably come to your mind first most especially for the football lovers will be the DIE MANNSCHAFT, the super amazing German national football team popularly called THE GERMAN MACHINE! By most Africans, oh wait did I guess right? Or you rather think about the fancy cars manufactured in Germany and for history enthusiasts your mind races to the Berlin Wall!

As you know at Kampus Konnekt49 we ensure you get all the necessary information you need to study and live in Germany and in this article we will literally fly you to the best German cities for international students! Yes, the best of the best cities. The city you chose to study will be very instrumental for you to enjoy your stay in Germany, considering factors ranging from the weather, job prospects, transportation facilities, locals, social lifestyle, availability of industries and firms among others.

These are the four best cities on our list:

BERLIN – Berlin is the capital of Germany and it is quite expensive! But wait, there are still flowers and rose’s in the details. Berlin is a very diverse city, home to people of different nationalities, Berlin has a substantial English speaking population which will enhance your integration into the German society. Berlin is home to over 150 museums and the famous Berlin wall. Berliners enjoy a very high standard of living, one-third of the city’s area is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers, canals and lakes which makes it rank high on the sustainable city index. It has a cluster of high tech and service firms encompassing a wide range of industries.

MUNICH – Munich is one of the most entertaining cities in Germany! It is known for historical buildings, museums, sport events, exhibitions and most importantly the OKTOBERFEST (the world’s largest Volksfest – Public festival). It is home to two of the leading elite universities in Germany, (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich’s nightlife is super amazing coupled with an efficient transportation network. Also, Munich is home to some of the leading German companies which offer a great chance of getting an internship opportunity.

FRANKFURT – If you want to study business or finance you should not hesitate to make Frankfurt top on your list! With Brexit in place, Frankfurt is on the course to become Europe’s financial hub! Which means more jobs, more internship opportunities! Over the past years this City has been ranked one of the best cities to live in the world! Not Europe! Frankfurt is becoming more diverse with a large English speaking population, but it is very important and advisable you understand German language (Click the link for our SmarterGerman course).

DRESDEN –  Do you love to see and feel nature. Maybe you like to spend your time by the riverside? If so, then the Elbe river in Dresden is a place you have to visit. Dresden is one of the largest cities in Germany with excellent and world-class universities, students get to earn their knowledge and practical skills through numerous internships which the cluster of technology firms afford.

Which of the cities on the list would you like to apply to study in Germany?

If you are confused about the city to choose, you can reach out to us for advise on that and other application matters.  Cheers!

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