Brief History


Kampus Konnekt49 is an educational consulting service and an online networking platform for students and professionals aspiring to study in Germany to connect with those already studying and working in the country. 
Our vision is to build a social community of Africans interested in studying in Germany and learning German through a network of friendship and cultural interaction by sharing innovative ideas for a common goal.

We want to do this by bridging the socio-cultural and educational gap between African and German youths through training, sensitization and information.

Kampus Konnekt49 was first initiated and founded by Solomon Eko, Adewale Adeoye and Vincent Filani, three dynamic young men who saw the potentials that abound in promoting and making the German language and culture, popular in Nigeria, especially in schools and colleges and today managed by Solomon Eko,
Ubong Ikafia and Woninemi Kiakubu. Kampus Konnekt49 has been able to assist several Africans in fulfilling their dreams of studying and living in Germany. 

We will help you kick-start your dreams of learning and living in Germany.

about us
Our Mission

To build a community of young people interested in academic and cultural exchange through friendship and interaction by sharing innovative ideas for a common goal.

Our Vision

Become a magnet for academic, cultural and economic exchange for  young people with Europe and the German world

Aims and Objectives
  • Kampus Konnekt49 promotes the German language and culture among Africans interested in German(y).
  • To introduce and link African students to the German world-its language, culture, education, etc.
  • To help members learn basic German through beginners/introductory lessons.
  • To serve as a link to the Goethe Institut through which one can advance their knowledge of German.
  • To serve as a link to German institutions of learning for a better academic exchange and information as well as career enhancement.
  • To create a platform for re-connecting and re-unifying old students of Goethe Institut and graduates of German from Nigerian and other African Universities.
  • To promote public knowledge and understanding of German culture in Africa through information sharing, webinars, workshops and other events.
  • To plan festivals and exhibitions of German culture in collaboration with partner organisations in Africa and Germany.
  • To promote exchange of events and activities between Nigeria and Germany.

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