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How To Get The Best Experience In Germany?

Have you ever wondered how Germany differs from other European countries? Or maybe from your country? German people have their own culture and habits. When you don’t know about them, it can lead to funny or surprising situations. We already made two articles about some specificities of Germany: renting and going out. But now, we will talk about a set of advice to follow to get the best experience in Germany!

1) Making friends in Germany

It may seem surprising, but a lot of German people have quite large friend circles. Since they don’t like small talk, especially Berliners, it’s hard to imagine them having so many friends. Well, the reason is that they prefer genuine friendships. Germans like to bond over something that they have in common. For example, a lot of them know their friend groups from activities such as sports or games. If you want to make friends in Germany, no need to talk about the weather. We advise you to join Facebook groups about your hobbies. You will plan wonderful activities with strangers and bond over that. Why don’t you go on a hike, for example?

Also, Germans love staying true to themselves. They have their own personality and are not afraid of emotions most of the time. For example, if you smile a lot in your culture, they might ask themselves why you smile so often. They know it is impossible to only have good days. I mean, we all have our fair share of bad days when we don’t want to talk to anybody and we would complain about anything. Some people even say that Germans bond over complaining. This is funny. In some way, there is always a bright side: you can make friends by being grumpy.

Indeed, if you go to Germany you will make good friends. Maybe you feel it will be hard for you. But don’t worry: you won’t even need activities to meet people if you go there to study. You will always get the chance to chat about your classes with other students. Plus, you have the status of a foreigner. People will be very happy to talk and share their culture with you.

Moreover, as stated before, German friendships are genuine. It is part of their culture to be upfront. Their honesty can unsettle and pass ass impoliteness if we don’t know them. They don’t intend to be mean: they are just really direct. But that is not something we should worry about or complain about. Everybody needs an honest friend! Who will tell us when we mess up but them? I’m sure they will be the ones with the greatest advice.

2) Politeness and etiquette

Sure, the German sincerity can shock. But you can surprise them too by the way you behave. Germany has its own rules to follow to be seen as a respectable person. For example, traffic needs to be respected in Germany. I know, you are thinking it’s not something special about Germany. But let me explain. Many people actually care about people’s security and may warn you if you do something you are not supposed to do. For example, bicycling at night without a light. They have deputy sheriffs supposed to take care of the matter, but citizens are always glad to help.

Thus, when you go out, make sure you respect traffic rules. Don’t cross the road if it’s red, and most importantly, don’t walk in the cycle lane. This is infuriating. Especially because many people in Germany prefer to use bikes instead of cars in their daily life. So as you wouldn’t walk on the road, don’t walk in the cycle lane.

There are other non-written rules that are maybe less important. Sure, if you don’t follow them, people might look at you, but it depends on the city. For example, it is less common to wear sweat pants outside in Germany. Especially if you are not going to sports classes or such. It may surprise you to see the way German people dress. But it is pretty common in some European countries. They are seen as being more “stylish” when really, people are just wearing jeans. It might be a bit different for girls though (as usual) because they actually like to dress up to go to parties. So, if they invite you to a party, don’t expect people to just show up casually dressed! But the most important is to stay yourself: if you are not comfortable with that, just do as you wish.

Those were only a few of all the advice we could have given you. The German culture can’t be reduced to some articles. If you want to know more or share your input, feel free to leave a comment! Follow us to keep learning about German culture!

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