A building architecture

The Work Opportunities In Germany

A building architecture

Working in Germany is a great opportunity for anybody looking to grow their career as well as start it. In this article, we will look at three sectors that dominate the German economy and the various work opportunities in Germany that can be pursued both within and out of these industries.

Opportunities in Medicine

Germany is by far one of the leading economies in the advancement of medical and general science, with over 1000 research facilities, and at least 536,000 physicians and related careers countrywide. A doctor in Germany earns an average salary of 40,000 euros annually, with endless possibilities to upgrade and for specializations.

The general requirements are one full bachelor’s degree in medicine for a standard doctor and a master’s degree for a specialized doctor.

German is used in most of the medical industry, so thorough prerequisite knowledge of the language is required.

Kampus Konnekt provides German language classes, as well as helps you identify and apply to prospective schools that may help you achieve a degree in your desired program, for anybody looking to set up a healthcare career in Germany. 

International medical degrees obtained outside Germany are acceptable, albeit require additional specialized language examination. Among medicine, psychology and natural science are also on the rise and are currently thriving and provide secure jobs across Germany.

Work Opportunities in Engineering and IT

The automotive, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering industries are the four biggest contributors to Germany’s economy, currently turning over 1800 billion euros in gross national profit, and employing 6.2 million engineers and technical co-workers, whose numbers are rising with the constant enhancement of technology.

With an average annual salary of 44,000 euros, there are more than 3600 engineering and IT employees nationwide, with abundant work opportunities for more workforce to keep up with the rigorous manufacturing industry that sustains Germany.

Work Opportunities in Architecture

A building architecture

With a constantly growing population in a dynamic world, architects are greatly depended on to create visual works of art in form of their building work. Germany can be seen as an artistic hub when it comes to infrastructure, as the entire country comprises a diversity of architectural styles and expressions.

Whether it’s domestic housing or corporate buildings, architects earn an average of 52,000 euros annually, and are in constant demand across all industries, creating a pool of opportunity for architects in the industry.

The cost of living is relatively higher in the western world, but thankfully so are the salaries. Aside from monetary value, working in Germany stands to give you a better quality of life than the European average, and an enjoyable working experience. Kampus Konnekt is the ultimate German hub, we’re set up to help you with all the information you could ever need; just send us a message and we’ll get in touch.

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