German University: Which Ones To Consider?

We’ve already made our case. Germany is a wonderful country to study in. Whether from a financial or cultural aspect, you will benefit from this experience. But what about education? Sure, Germany is famous for its high-standard education system. But where should you go, exactly? We made a list of 5 German universities you should consider! And because we know that finance could be an issue, we deliberately chose government-funded ones. Let’s see what we have.

1) The Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Are you interested in science? In this university of excellence, almost everything has a connection to science. At the TUM, you can choose from over 60 English-taught programmes! The grand majority of them are free, which is surprising for a university so prestigious. You can find 59 free programmes, one up to 1500 euros per semester, one up to 3000 euros per semester, and eight exceeding 5000 euros per semester. In 2022, the Times Higher Education ranked the TUM 38th in the world. You can also find Masters of Art or Business Administration there: Masters in Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology, Executive MBA in General Management, or innovation in Business Creation.

2) The Free University of Berlin

This German university of excellence can seem fairly new compared to the others, but it has already proven its efficiency. They have an excellent reputation, ranked 83rd in the world. Women are well-represented in this university as well, with 30% of women employed in their professorship. You may also remember them from the John F. Kennedy speech “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Their best subjects are Arts and Humanities, with a score of 70.8. They have one bachelor’s and 22 master’s degrees taught in English. You can find diverse specifications in Humanities, such as studies on North America or China.

3) The Humboldt University of Berlin

In the 74th best university in the world, you can study interesting subjects in the sectors of Arts and Humanities. If you are interested in African or Asian studies, and literature or linguistics, this is perfect for you. Indeed, you will find 26 programmes in English, which is a tremendous advantage. It is also really cool to study at the university where Albert Einstein used to teach. Plus, 29 Nobel prizewinners studied there! Maybe you will become one of them one day.

4) The University of Bonn

With 70 partnerships around the world, this university has a lot of power. You will definitely get to benefit from those connections in case you are interested in studying in another country after completing your degree. Two Nobel prize winners, eight Leibniz prize winners, and famous figures studied there like Nietzsche or Karl Marx. You will also find 349 different buildings to explore. They offer 32 degrees in English (one bachelor’s and 31 master’s degrees), and you will find what you are searching for. 28 of their programmes are tuition-free, 2 go up to 1500 euros per semester and 2 others up to 5000 euros per semester. The university is in our city. Come to say hello!

5) The RWTH Aachen University

Known for its international students, you will be friends with people from different cultures. Stressing out because you know German people don’t like small talk? You will find someone that is more similar to you for sure! Moreover, 35 of their master’s degrees are in English. This German university is the perfect destination for international students, as 29 of those degrees are also totally free. They are known for their Engineering and technology classes, which have an overall mark of 76.5.

Did you find what you are looking for? For more information, we suggest you visit My German University and The Times Higher Education. Those were our sources for this article, and you will find what you are searching for there. Whether you want rankings, marks, or to find courses. Do you have more questions about studying in Germany? Visit our blog or contact us!