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4 Reasons To Join Our Teachers Affiliate Programme

Here at Kampus Konnekt49, we value teachers’ power and their skills. We need them to help us make the world a better place. But, unfortunately, teachers often struggle to make ends meet. Have you heard about our Teachers Affiliate Programme? Here are 4 reasons you should join us!

1) To make a side income

As we just said, teachers are very important, but their salary is not as good as it should be. Education is a special and human field that needs to be elevated. Teachers help us raise our children and educate them. Sometimes, we even remember some of them after multiple decades. For this reason, we want to give you a chance to have a more suitable life by earning a side income.

We will ask for nothing other than talking to your students and their family. Which you already do. So, why not earn extra money by doing the exact same thing? By joining our Teachers Affiliate Programme, you can make extra money without spending more time working. You are already doing your best and deserve a reward for that. With our programme, you can earn commissions up to 30% of your sales.

2) To help your students

Your students need you, and you already know that. In the classroom, it can seem easy to help them by teaching them about geography, or languages. But if you want to make a huge positive impact on them, you can help them accomplish their dreams. Kampus Konnekt49 helps students who want to study abroad but are not sure how to do so. We want to give a chance to everybody and guide them toward the choice that is right for them. We know some students don’t even consider studying abroad, even if they would love to, because of financial issues. But we are here to help. We teach students how to benefit from German education without going bankrupt or loaning money.

Plus, if you join our Teachers Affiliate programme, your students will get discounts on our services such as German classes and application processing. And you will benefit from that too since you are getting up to 30% as a commission!

3) To know more about Germany

Germany is a splendid country with an interesting culture. If you come from a non-European country, the culture shock might be even more important. It’s always nice to learn about others and broaden our horizons. By joining our Teachers Affiliate Programme, you will learn a lot simply by sharing our content and reading some of our free articles. We are doing our best to provide people with the information they need before deciding to move to Germany. You will know what you will talk about by learning valuable knowledge and sharing trustworthy information with your students.

4) To get content for your class

Students tend to work better when they are interested in a subject. You could give them assignments based on what they learned in our articles, or in relation to Germany’s opportunities. Their reward will be the opportunity to actually make their dream come true without spending thousands of dollars. Moreover, they will learn about their opportunities while doing their schoolwork, which will motivate them. Sometimes, school projects seem useless because students don’t see the point in making them. But if we give them the possibility to start a new life, they will work on it.

If your students take part in our projects, they will benefit from a socio-cultural exchange with German students. It will be a great opportunity for your school and other students to learn more about German education because their friends will actually experience it. They will share reliable and relatable stories that could help them imagine if it would be the best choice for them.

What do you think about our Teachers Affiliate Programme? You can join us if you would like to, or contact us if you have questions. To know more about Germany for free, you can also read our blog articles or follow us on social media! Become your students’ heroes and join us!