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A List of Some Official Public Holidays in Germany

There are a whole lot of fun things to know about Germany and this is one of them. It’s no news that every country has a specific number of times they acknowledge some events in society. So here is Kampus Konnekt49‘s list of some official public holidays in Germany you should get acquainted with in order to know more about its culture.

New Year’s Day- January 1
This is a widely famous public holiday in many countries as it marks the first day of another day. Exciting, right? Yeah, the Georgian calendar thinks so too, which is why schools and businesses are closed on this day to celebrate the first of many days in a year.

Three Kings Day- January 6
(Drei konige)
It is a major celebration marked alongside the Easter and Christmas celebrations.

Good Friday- April 2
The second day in April marks in the crucifixion of Jesus and is widely celebrated in Germany two days before Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday—April 5
Easter Monday is another day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is also a famous holiday in Germany.

Labor Day—May 1
This has been an official public holiday since 1993 and it is also international worker’s day in Germany.

Mother’s Day—May 9
Every year, they set aside the 9th of May to celebrate mothers in Germany.

Christmas day—December 25

This is a famous holiday all around the world. It marks the celebration of the birth of JESUS Christ.

St Stephens Day—December 26
We also know this as boxing day all around the world. It is a day specially set aside to exchange gifts with loved ones, family, and friends.

Are there other German holidays you like? Share that in the comment section, or other holidays you like in your country!