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Being A Nurse In Germany

The COVID-19 crisis is a worldwide problem. Although the situation might be better, it has helped us realise the importance of health and why doctors, nurses and every health worker should be recognised for being there, risking their own lives to save others. If you desire a noble profession in the health field, Germany offers attractive options. In this article, nursing will be the focus. Let’s look at the qualifications, requirements, and characteristics of this outstanding profession.

1) Qualification

As in any other country, you need to get qualified to become a nurse in Germany. You have multiple ways to become one. If you already have a qualification in nursing, you can apply for recognition of your skills. To apply for professional recognition, go to the competent authority of the state where you desire to work. You would also need a B1-B2 level in German and proof that you are mentally and physically healthy. Moreover, you should prove you do not have a criminal record. To get more information, please visit this website. Don’t worry, if your qualification is not valid for Germany, you would only need to go through a test or a learning period.

If you do not have any qualifications, you can either study nursing at a German university or start a nursing apprenticeship. Nursing apprenticeships take 3 full-time years to complete. We will help you get ready for that. Thanks to Kampus Konnekt49, you will be able to quickly practice what you learned with Eurasia! You will also get a training allowance: 1100 euros in the first year, 1200 in the second, and 1300 in the final year of training. Your qualification will be valid worldwide, and you will get a residence and work permit. With Eurasia, you can also get accommodation provided by the clinic at 90 to 250 euros per month.

We made a list for you to get a better understanding of the admission process:

  • Inquiry–Eligibility proof
  • Submission of required documents
  • Reception of invoice
  • Payment of chosen amount to learn German online
  • Pre-admission letter processing
  • Reception of final admission letter, work contract and 2nd payment
  • Visa appointment
  • Arrival in Berlin
  • Completion of the TELC exam
  • You are ready to learn while earning!

Thus, being qualified as a nurse in Germany is easy. If you need any information on the visa you might need, please read this article and visit this website.

2) Requirements

Other than the proof of a clear criminal record and good health, there are no other requirements to be a nurse. Indeed, their job is to take care of patients so they need the qualification mentioned above. Nobody would want to be treated rudely, especially when sick or in need. Nurses have the responsibility to take care of all patients: whether it’s the elderly, the children and newborns or others. They usually have a specialisation in a certain domain, which is the one they chose during their last year of apprenticeship. But they can still treat other patients as they are fully competent.

They should have good morals and treat people respectfully, stay professional under all circumstances. Nurses from all over the world are welcome. Also, there is no age restriction. But all nurses should get their vaccines up to date to eliminate the risk of contamination. Germany needs more nurses and is ready to welcome you.

3) Characteristics of the job

Truly, it is rewarding to do such an inspirational job and help people. Thus, working as a nurse in Germany comes with fewer disadvantages than in another country.

Nurses in Germany have to be flexible as they work long shifts and on weekends. Indeed, the country needs them and they are important. But it is important to note that Germany is one of the countries where nurses can rest the most. In fact, nurses have the possibility of working night shifts and then getting multiple days off to rest. Usually, they work 8 and a half-hour shifts.

A nurse works approximately 40 hours a week. It differs from other jobs, as they don’t work the same shifts every day, every week. Still, it is very common to work 40 hours a week in Germany. Most of the time, people work between 36 to 40 hours a week.

At the end of the month, their salary varies depending on their years of experience, the hospital and many other factors. With Eurasia, they get a salary starting at 2142 euros after obtaining their license and going beyond 2300 euros with further specialisations.


Being a nurse is a great opportunity to make good deeds. It is humanly rewarding and a very interesting job. However, it can be difficult at times. But, thankfully, it is quite easy to become a nurse in Germany. They earn a pretty good salary and they also can rest more than in some other countries. Becoming a nurse in such a country can be much more interesting than another one. To become a nurse with Kampus Konnekt49 and Eurasia, click here. If you need any help with your studies, please contact us or get our Ebooks to know more about studying in Germany for free!