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5 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship to Study in Germany

Getting a scholarship to study in Germany requires you to have above average grades and requires some extra work from you to stay above competition and ahead of other candidates. There is no one secret towards winning a scholarship but focusing on the things that will make you standout is very important.

The following are the short tips I think are very important for prospective scholarship applicants.

1. Volunteering: Social work is very paramount for scholarship application. Some Scholarship body makes it mandatory for applicants to have done one or two volunteering services. Though, some bodies doesn’t require applicants to have social work experience. However, considering the fact that thousands of people are applying from different parts of the world with better qualifications, including your social works will give you an edge because of the valuable social and leadership skills you gain through volunteering.

2. Language Skill: Knowing the language of operations of the scholarship organisation is gold for scholarship application. This will give you better leverage over other applicants, for example a candidate that understands about four or five languages including the official language of the scholarship body will definitely be 1% ahead of someone that only understands one language. This is usually a requirement by many scholarship organisations in Germany. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship in Germany and don’t know German, you can enroll for our SmarterGerman course to kick-start your German learning process to boost your chances of winning a scholarship in Germany.

3. Join Professional/Research Bodies: These bodies will play a buy masteron major role in furnishing your CV. For those in Nigeria reading this article, you can join bodies like IFRA or Lagos Studies Association. They organise research seminars, workshops and conferences for junior researchers. These programs contributes to making your CV rich.

4. Internship: This will play a crucial role in writing your statement of purpose. An internship shows that you have some level of work experience and professional exposure. It is important to note that no internship is too small. It shows how passionate you are about personal development and your career goals.

5. Leadership Skill: Having a leadership experience will be essential irrespective of the program you are applying for. Note that no leadership experience is worthless, if it is a position you held while at the University or an organisation you founded to solve social problems, or a business you founded. It all counts as relevant leadership experience.

Note: irrespective of the program you are applying for, whether it is science oriented, business oriented or governance. The above skills will make you standout, even if your competitors have distinctions in their grades.

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