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What Is It Like To Live In Germany?

Life outside our home country can be quite different from what we have grown around. Different languages, food, and much more. Experiencing such contrasts can be such a culture shock to somebody who has lived differently their whole life. Moreover, it can be uncomfortable sometimes. This article explores the lifestyle and culture of modern-day Germany, sharing things that you may experience or see there. Let’s see together how it is like to live in Germany.


The German diet is nutritious and heavy. It consists mainly of bread, potatoes, and meat, as well as cake, coffee and beer. Pork is one of the most commonly eaten meats, as sausage or otherwise. Their bread also has a variety of taste and appearance to it, with an abundance of cafes and restaurants. Each one filled with their own unique recipes and twists to popular European food. Common meals may differ from town to town. But there is no shortage of hearty meals and flavorful drinks and desserts. While you live in Germany, you can travel to experience lots of new food.

Weather and Climate

Germany has a temperate climate all year round, with relatively cold winters and moderately warm summers. Although the country experiences four distinct seasons, German weather can often be unpredictable. This is due to different types of currents coming into the country from contrasting regions.


In German lifestyle, we normally spend free time doing some sort of physical activity. You can spend your time jogging, skating and cycling, as a casual weekly hobby. More relaxing pastimes include meeting friends at cafes, appreciating different forms of visual art and literature, as well as playing board games. Modern-day hobbies like watching television and surfing the internet are also greatly prevalent, with reading as one of the most common hobbies.


German infrastructure is very historical and diverse. They preserved all European architecture styles within Germany, differing from city to city. The disintegrating of the country through centuries of history caused this. Major events such as the damages brought about by the world wars have greatly contributed to the architecture that Germany has to offer today. We can see the country as a building of all shapes and sizes. Without forgetting about the famous Berlin Wall.


German traditions vary in size and atmosphere, but all have the same prospect of food involved. A good example is the quaint act of ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’, which is translated to coffee and cake, that is to be often enjoyed in the afternoon among family and friends. In another light, we see the Oktoberfest, where multitudes come together to enjoy and celebrate beer and fellowship throughout the entire month of October. One contemporary tradition that does not involve food is Germany’s love for international travel and sightseeing, with Italy Spain and Austria as the most common destinations.

Culture and Etiquette

Among the German people are values that the country holds dear, and one such value is punctuality. Germany is known for thriving off of order and structure, where things such as punctuality and formality are respected to a higher degree than most countries. Family and community is also a big part of German culture, as well as being conscientious and hardworking. This often induces an environment where familiar peers and neighbors alike invest in quality time and building each other up, creating a place where everyone builds the capacity to hold traditional German values, and keep the cycle going.

In Germany, all genres of life are accepted, and the very concept of life itself is celebrated and enjoyed, as seen by the many efforts of the German to create and maintain zeal in their everyday life. The modern lifestyle of Germany is one that promotes health, happiness, and constant improvement of the environment. Who doesn’t want that? If you want to live in Germany, check out our services for support!

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