Study in Style in Germany. (Driving License)

Are you thinking of having a grand lifestyle while studying with less money? We got you. While studying at a university in Germany, you automatically have a free transportation ticket to use within the state you are studying. At first, it sounds very cool and nice and not to mention how environmentally friendly it is. But let’s be honest, who enjoys waiting for buses and trams? It’s much cooler and more stylish to just hop up in a taxi, right? How does hopping into your own car instead of a taxi sound? Like a boss, right? Well, what most people don’t know is you could actually use your International driving license from your country in Germany.

For the first 6 months of your arrival in Germany, you can use your country’s license. In order for you to continue driving after your first 6 months in Germany, you’ll have to register in a driving school. The aim of registering in a driving school is not for you to learn how to drive but for you to be familiar with the German road signs and eventually change your license into a German license which you can use in any other European country.

This is the cheapest way of getting a German driving license, plus you save time and you don’t have to attend boring driving theory classes.

How does it work? If you want to apply for a German driving license, go to your local registration office, give your driver license and ask for a German one. You would probably have to go with your driving teacher. You would have to pass a theory class which you would learn with an app. The driving school also provides this. Once you successfully pass the theory exam, you would have to take a practical test as well. After this, you will get your German driving license immediately.

It’s almost the same procedure as when applying directly for a German driving licence but you save more money. When applying for a driving license in Germany, you would have to attend 12 theory classes and take at least 20 practical classes. So you spend almost 2500 euros whilst, when swapping depending on your driving skills, you spend roughly 800-1200 euros. Saving you some bucks for some German beer and bratwurst.

This rule applies to all African countries, except South Africa and Namibia. South Africans and Namibians can use their International driving license without having to take a theory or practical exams.

It’s very important that your driving license is valid and should be valid before your first entering Germany. Which means the date on your driving license should be a date before your arrival in Germany. You can’t apply for a swap of driving license if your arrival date was on the 12/2018 and the date on your driving license is 12/2019.

Get ready to enjoy the German autobahn when you arrive in Germany, but don’t forget to book an appointment with us to begin your journey, so we can support you to fulfill your dreams of studying in Germany.

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